The Wedding Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media

Wedding Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media

Everyone is utilizing social media websites these days, especially Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, because they are capable adding lots of etiquette to the planning process. Not only will these sites make your plans flow together smoother, but they will also make achieving the “I Do’s” more enjoyable. The Internet is a public meeting place, so be sure to keep this in mind, when you are using it to communicate with your guests.

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Post images, but be creative. Believe it or not your wedding guests will be excited to see new images appear on your social media websites. It is important to always take advantage of social media, because it has so much to offer you and everyone involved in your wedding planning. Try to not overdo it, when you are posting selfies of your engagement ring, gown, and centerpieces, since one of each is enough.

Be cautious when announcing your engagement privately and publically. You must be very careful not to offend your closest friends and family members, during this important milestone in your life. Take the time to celebrate your engagement announcement with your immediate loved one first, before posting your wonderful news on social media. Plan an informal dinner just for your engagement announcement.

Never voice concerns or complaints online. Never virtually post your concerns, frustration, or complaints on social media. Many women and men would love to be getting married and they will be immediately turned off by your whining and complaining. Of course, you will be feeling overwhelmed with the innumerable tasks that lie ahead, but do not take your emotions online.

Be cautious to never offend. Your friends and family members will be constantly giving you advice and this may become too much to deal with at times. Listen patiently to everyone and make sure that you let them know that their advice, comments, and suggestions matter greatly.

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Beautiful wedding stationary is formal and personal. Many couples will choose to send virtual invitations through social media and e-mail. Of course, this option may save you a bit of money, but your guests may not appreciate your gesticulation. It is best to choose personalized wedding and rehearsal dinner invitations, save-the-date cards, and registry notifications, which should be mailed to all of your guests.

Use a hashtaghashtag-wedding. When taking advantage of social media, be sure to craft a clever hashtag. This will give everyone the opportunity to join in on the discussion in a fun and clever way.

Turn off the iPhone. It is important to communicate with your online friends, but when attending your wedding engagements, be sure to turn off your iPhone. Talking on your iPhone, while your guests are in the same room with you is very discourteous. Once the engagements have commenced, you should definitely take the time to tweet or post an image of each event on social media.

Social media is great for locating wedding vendors. Most couples that are newly engaged will not be familiar with wedding planning, vendors, centerpieces, or attire. It will be challenging to find the perfect vendor to host your wedding, but with social media you will find the task so much easier.

Do not forget the wedding photographer, because you will definitely want to capture every wonderful moment possible.

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