Tips For Creating The Most Amazing Wedding Hashtag Ever

With your wedding right around the corner, it is imperative to let all of your friends and family members know about it! Sending out emails, making phone calls and using social media are excellent ways to fulfill this purpose. Of course, if you’re going to use social media, you’ll want to make sure to use it properly! Choosing an excellent hashtag, which will be yours and yourself alone, is essential. Below, you’ll learn how to set yourself apart and create a hashtag, which is memorable, romantic and effective.

  1. Be Fun – Although the majority of brides and grooms will attempt to take their weddings incredibly serious, it is also important to be fun at times! Playing on famous idioms is an excellent idea. Although using these phrases might be stealing, you shouldn’t hesitate! In fact, you should steal good ideas and transform them into your own!

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  1. Make It Yours – As already mentioned, you should make sure to make the idea yours. One of the best ways to do this is through alliteration. Tacking your last name onto the hashtag is recommended, when possible. For instance, you can use something like #WilliamsonWedding. Of course, you’ll want to be a little cleverer than this.
  1. Play With Your Names – At the same time, you should take your name and play around with it. If you have a middle name that you’re willing to share or a nickname, which isn’t too embarrassing, you should trying incorporating it into your hashtag. Using something like #DebbyDoes or #WillWillSayYes can be fun and straight to the point.
  1. Rhyming Is Always Recommended – Remember those old catchy tunes that get stuck in your head so frequently? This is no coincidence. The majority of these old songs rhyme, which makes them very memorable. Rhyming hashtags are always successful. Have fun with it, jot down a few words that work together and go from there.


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  1. Using Correct Capitalization – One of the biggest mistakes brides and grooms make is failing to capitalize their hashtags. It is vital to use the right capitalization, in order to make your hashtag understandable and more impactful. For instance, you will want to make sure to use #DebAndTedToWed instead of #debandtedtowed. The right capitalization really drives home the point.
  1. Not Too Complicated – Although you’ll want to put a lot of work into the process, you will also want to keep everything simple. You will want to make sure that your friends and family members are able to utilize the hashtag, as well. Therefore, you should keep it simple, easy to remember and even easier to type!

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  1. Check The Availability – Once you’ve gotten a few good tags lined up, you will want to take the time to see if they’re still available. Run a Twitter search or Google search to see whether or not the tag has been used previously. If it has not, you’re finished! If it has been used, you’ll want to consider whether to come up with something new or use it anyway!
  1. Spread The Word – Finally, you will want to spread the word! Send out the hashtag through email, snail mail and tell your friends over the phone. Eventually, everyone will be using it and you’ll have a fun and convenient way to keep all of your friends and family members updated.

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At the end of the day, social media wedding etiquette | netiquette is absolutely vital and it starts with the right hashtag. Once you’ve gotten one selected, you’ll be well on your way to making your wedding go viral!

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