Planning An “Unplugged Wedding”?

Unplugged Wedding

In 2013, the “unplugged” wedding trend rose to popularity and it is easy to see why. Often times, key moments that a couple want captured on film or camera can be ruined, because a guest slides in front of the photographer. The guest does not mean to ruin the moment, but he or she is probably just trying to capture the moment on his or her own smartphone. Not only can guests with smartphones get in the way of capturing key moments, but also it often makes the newlyweds feel as if their special moments are that much less important.

This is what the “unplugged” wedding trend is all about. If you are interested in banning smartphone photography and social media sharing during your ceremonies without causing too many problems with your guests then continue reading.

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Consult With Your Photographer 

A key thing to keep in mind is that guests snap their own photos during your wedding to capture long last memories for them to look back on and not to be rude. With that being said, announcing that you are hosting a device free wedding will go over much smoother, if you speak with your photographer first. Your photographer will be able to provide an online link where your guests can share photos on social media sites the day after your event is over.

The photographer can also give your guests access to an online photo album where they can purchase their favorite pictures from the event. Be sure to pass all this information along to the guests, who still have concerns about not being able to bring their phones to the wedding.

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How Unplugged Do You Want To Go

You will need to figure out just how far “unplugged” you want to take your wedding. Just ask yourself would you rather see the faces of your guests as you announce your vows or would you rather see their phones? Maybe you don’t care about this because you know they are capturing key moments from your wedding. Of course, you always have the option of banning phones altogether, which is common among many celebrity weddings.

Perhaps you don’t care about guests snapping photos, but you don’t want the photos posted on social media websites. These are all things that you need to consider before you announce that you are going to have a device free wedding. If you decide to add some social media functionality to your wedding, be sure to follow the appropriate social media wedding etiquette.



Announcing Unplugged To Your Guests

After you decide on the level of “unplugged” that you want at your wedding, you are going to have to find a way to announce it to your guests. There are several different ways that you can go about this. For instance, you can put it in your wedding program, post it on your wedding website, put up a sign on the day of your ceremony, or you could even announce this to your guests during your bridal shower. Keep in mind that even if you announce this before your wedding it is always a good idea to have the officiant remind your guests of the no device policy before the ceremonies begin.

Enforce The Rules

It is highly likely that one person at your wedding will have an social media addiction and won’t follow the rules. Appoint a member of your bridal party to keep an eye out for problems and make sure everyone follows the rules. (of course ask politely).


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