Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Wedding | Indian Orthodox Wedding

Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, NJ

I have done many weddings over the years and each of them is amazing in their own right. Of course, there are some aspects of each wedding that will never be forgotten. Lisha and Alvin’s Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Wedding also know as Indian Orthodox Wedding definitely exemplifies this sentiment. The wedding was unbelievable and the love could be felt throughout the entire event. When first introduced to the magnificent couple, it is obvious they were meant for one another. Their smiles shined simultaneously and their faces lit up, as the initial pictures were taken.

Lisha and Alvin took a few minutes out of their busy day to share a special embrace. It is obvious by watching these newlyweds’ body language that they are definitely meant to be together. Lisha looks absolutely stunning in her beautiful gown, while Alvin admirably takes a quick peek at his lovely bride.

Alvin understands that his wedding is going to be the biggest life-changing event that he will ever experience. He and his groomsmen can be seen frolicking around, just to relieve the stress of the day. The way this group of males intermingles, it is obvious that they are extremely close and respect each other immensely. Taking the time out to have a bit of fun only adds excitement to overall event.

Their glow managed to radiate the images and I knew the wedding was going to be amazing! The fantastic and unforgettable ceremony was held at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey. Again, I have been in many cathedrals, but this one was enormous and entirely beautiful. The scene was perfect and matched the incredibly cute blue dresses of the bride maids. At this point, the magic had yet to begin, but you could feel the excitement in the air.

The Hanover Marriott venue was filled with adoring faces, as Alvin awaited his bride. The moment was incredibly serious, but the ice was broken, when the sign bearer walked down the isle. The modern and hilarious touch was definitely clever and the entire venue let out a chuckle. At that point, it was indeed too late. The bride was here and she looked absolutely stunning in her beautiful white wedding dress. Gasps could be heard throughout the venue, as jaws hit the floor and the walk down the aisle began. The crowd remained silent throughout.

During the officiant’s procedures, the guests remained silent. Finally, the crowd lit up, when the first kiss was shared. The moment was spectacular and will live on for eternity. The event was definitely one-of-a-kind, unique and incredibly charming. The immaculate cathedral was beautiful and helped to bring everyone together for the loving event.

As the newlyweds exit the chapel, the bridesmaids and groomsmen grab their bubble bottles and begin to fill the environment with bubbles. The couple hand-in-hand makes their way to the limousine and departs for the reception hall.

Lisha and Alvin make their way to the dance floor, where they share a special moment. The guests admirably look on and patiently wait their turn to join the couple on the dance floor. When everything was over, it has only just begun. It will never be forgotten and Lisha and Alvin have a whole future ahead of them!

Lisha and Alvin Wedding

Lisha and Alvin Wedding

Lisha and Alvin Wedding

Lisha and Alvin Wedding

Lisha and Alvin Wedding

Lisha and Alvin Wedding

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