The Ultimate Wedding Guide for All Couples

It is the season for getting engaged and married. If you and your beloved have decided to tie the knot, you are going to have a lot of work ahead. It is vital that you take the time to organize and plan your wedding ceremony, so that nothing or no one is left out of the event. Planning is the key to success and you will definitely have to do this, in order to pull off that special day, without complications.

Wedding Budget Spreadsheet

The first step should include you and your fiancé sitting down and creating a wedding budget. If you are young and becoming financially established, you are most likely going to be forced to stick with a strict budget. You may even consider approaching your parents to see if they would be willing to pick up some of the expenses, because they are going to be quite extensive. If they agree to help out, you will be able to plan a more extravagant wedding, if not you will definitely need to use all of your resources and your common sense, in order to have that dream wedding.

Wedding Checklist
Wedding Checklist


Your guide should begin, with a checklist. This list should consist of very important elements including;

  • Entertainment (band or DJ)
  • Catering Services
  • Vendors (photographer and videographer)
  • Florists
  • Wedding gown, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and tuxedos
  • Table centerpieces and décor
  • Wedding invitations
  • Wedding and reception venues

Remember, you are going to have 101 things to do, before the day of the event. In the beginning of your journey, the tasks will seem endless, but over time things will become more simplified and you will see results, when items get checked off your list.

Ah! That Wedding Gown

Every girl’s dream is to get married in an exquisite, expensive wedding gown, but most will not have the budget for such expenditures. There are ways that you can potentially cut the cost of this item, without giving up on your dream. You may know a professional seamstress that is willing to design and custom make, you a beautiful gown. Of course, this would require a lot of creativeness, but the results would be a one-of-a-kind gown, like no other. Do not dismiss this idea, because it could help you save some money, in which you could use elsewhere.

Wedding Ring Sets

Here we go again, another item that will run into the thousands of dollars. Of course, everyone expects a beautiful wedding ring set that will dazzle the soul, but most cannot afford such luxuries. Many young couples find themselves in a predicament, where they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are several alternatives that you may consider, in order to cut these costs in half.

  • Purchase a ring, with a small diamond, then upgrade on each anniversary
  • Family wedding ring heirlooms should also be considered, if this is available to you
  • Purchase a used stone and have your setting built, with uniqueness and beauty

All of these are great ideas that can potentially help you save several thousand dollars, which is exactly what you need as this point of the wedding preparations.

Bridesmaid Dress Rentals

Of course, you are going to utilize a formal wear shop to rent the men’s tuxedos and you should consider doing the same thing, with the bridesmaids’ dresses. Most dress shops offer a robust selection to choose from and you should not have any difficulties finding the perfect silhouette and shade that will fit perfectly, with your color scheme. Most shops allow you to rent and keep the dresses, in your possession for up to a week. This will allow you enough time to return them, without being charged overage fees. This will definitely help you stay, within your designated budget.

Travel Expenses

While most couples want to travel to some remote, exotic island to have their wedding ceremony, it is not always financially feasible. Instead of traveling to a foreign country, you should consider trying to capture the exotic beach theme and incorporate it into a ceremony, at your local beach. This will cut those travel expenses drastically. Of course, you still may be required to rent a lodge or motel room for your guest’s sleeping accommodations, but this should not total up to a ridiculous amount. You should consider renting a rustic canopy or an arch and decorate it with peonies, roses, and strings of beads. Throw in some sea shells and star fish and you will have yourself a lovely wedding scene.


Of course, a wedding would not be a wedding, without a photographer. You have definitely spent a lot of time, energy, and money to get this far into making your dreams a reality. Now it is time to hire a professional photographer, one that will capture every beautiful moment on photo. This is actually the most special part of the entire event, because it is so vital to you and your future children’s lives. You can one day sit down and give them a visual account of their parent’s wedding ceremony, and the first kiss and dance as a married couple. This will be a very special day and it will be so much more difficult for your kids to envision that moment, without extraordinary photos.

Initial Wedding Day

Wow! Your wedding day has finally arrived and you should definitely enjoy. You have put so much into the planning process and now it is time to enjoy this wonderful day.

Get out there and marry your best friend, lover, and your better half. Share on X

Whether you’re planning your wedding in two months or twelve months, I’ve created this free wedding planning stress relief PDF guide  – which also include 2 complimentary guides to help you through your wedding planning.

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