THE MERION Wedding in Cinnaminson, NJ

Lauren+Ed Wedding at THE MERION of Cinnaminson NJ

On the morning of Lauren and Ed’s special day, I decided to arrive a little early, so that I could get acquainted with the couple and a few guests. I immediately felt the love that Lauren and Ed shared and understood why this couple should be married. I have decided to share my experience of this beautiful wedding with others, because it was an unforgettable experience, I must say.

The St. Dorothy Church is surely the most magnificent site and was the perfect venue for this occasion. I waited anxiously for Lauren to ascend the white limousine, so that I could capture her excitement on photo. I was pleasantly stunned and surprised, when the beautiful bride emerged from the classic, white car, which served as her carriage. It was obvious that Lauren’s father was just as excited, as she.

The whole moment was reminiscent of a Walt Disney fairy tale. Click To Tweet

I was able to get another sneak peek of Lauren posturing for a quick prayer, before she was ready to make her way down the aisle. Ed was a gentleman, because he waited patiently for her to walk down the aisle and join him at the altar.

When the beautiful, adorable flower girls made their way down the aisle, everyone was silent. Until one of the cute little girls became upset and began to weep, you could hear a pin drop. At this point took notice and shared a simultaneous giggle, which emitted throughout the church.

The romantic ambiance filled the room, when Lauren and Ed commenced their wedding ceremony. There was an immediate silence that filled the room, which lasted until the couple shared their first kiss, as man and wife. At the end of the dance, other couples joined the young couple on the dance floor, which was definitely a site to see.

The Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ, the couple prepared themselves to cut their wedding cake. Of course, this was the best opportunity for Lauren to shove the cake into her husband’s face, which definitely made the crowd laugh. I forgot to mention how beautifully alluring the reception hall was, since it was decked out with multicolored LED lights, which helped to create an awe inspiring atmosphere that stunned everyone, when they entered the venue.

A wedding would not be a wedding, without the beautiful bridesmaids. This cheerful party was more than willing to provide me with a unique pose, before they went on their merry way. They were absolutely stunning in their black dresses, with their lavender and white bouquet.

It was definitely nice to meet all of the groomsmen and each had their own personality, but together they were a form-able entourage. They showed throughout the night, when they posed into front of the Saint Dorothy Parish emblem where groom and some of groomsmen went to school together.

To seal their marriage, the couple took to the dance floor, while the guests watched in awe. This intimate moment is surely a phenomenal act that no one could deny, so I continued capturing every moment in time until the closing of the ceremony.

Check out the wedding photos.

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