Wedding Day Gear Checklist For Photographers in 2022

As one of the most significant day in any couple’s life, it is fundamental to nail a wedding the first time around (no do overs). As the year 2022 just starting, the technology this day and age checklist for photographers on a wedding is still essentials.

Either print them out (the old school way) or download the PDF and view it on your phone, better yet, there’s an app for that! or the easiest way copy and paste.

As there’s a lot of checklist on the world wide web now, I thought I share my own checklist and here are some of my before, the day of and after wedding day gear checklist and other essentials for photographers!

Day Before The Wedding Checklist:

  • Charge them batteries (Camera, Flash, Triggers, etc…)
  • Clean your cameras and lenses – use Air Blower or Blaster and Cleaning Cloths.
  • Lens cleaning kits – cloths, wipes etc…
  • Format them memory cards (SD, Compact Flash, XQD’s etc…)
  • Sync and check the date and time on all cameras including second photographer
  • Light Stands
  • Camera bag(s) and/or Luggage
  • Iron your outfit – you need to look professional!
  • Print 2 Copies of Wedding Day Timeline or Download it on your phone
  • Review the Wedding Day Timeline with your second photographer
  • Emergency Kit – It is essential, you’ll never know when you will you be needing them.
  • Flashlight – I don’t always need it but there are times it’s a life saver. But like I said this day and age – you can use your phone 😉
  • Food and Water – I use cooler and always have chocolates and sodas for that extra kick when I need it. Some might prefer Red Bull (It’ll give you wings lolz!) whatever energy drinks your prefer.
  • Business Cards – You never know you might get your next client(s).
  • Shoes – The funny part about this is I forgot my shoes twice! 🙂
  • Laptop – Charge it!
  • Extra – Batteries, memory cards and camera(s)
  • Double check everything! Make sure everything is there!


  • Tripods
  • Camera Harness, Straps, Holster etc…
  • External Hard Drive for second photographer
  • Charge the Drones Batteries, Strobes Batteries and Video LED Lights

Wedding Day

  • Phone Charger
  • Payment for the second photographer
  • Gear bags – Camera Bags, Emergency Kit (if any), Cooler (If any),
  • Laptop and Charger
  • Gifts for the Bride and Groom (if any)

After The Wedding Day

  • Backup all the photos
  • While their excitement still fresh, send at least 5 to 10 final edited photos to the couple, they’ll like that. It is also look good on your photography business.
  • SEO and Marketing – Blog about the wedding and post them on your social media outlet.

Either your just starting out as a wedding photographer or already a pro, I hope this checklist helps.
Feel free to use and/or add your own ideas in the comments below. I love to hear them.

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