Behind The Scenes Tools For Photographers

Found another useful tools for photography. Image hot spot – what does it do? point or areas in the picture that pop up a window with information when clicked or mouse-over. Which can be useful especially for BTS (Behind The Scenes) photography.

Billiard Table

Pool Cues

8 Ball Rack

9 Ball Rack

Table Lights


Another useful tools for photographers is the “Photo Summary” app. I was just playing around with it and pretty cool, loving it.

According to Photo Summary author –

Photo Summary allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful images containing the camera settings used to take the photo.

You can add any additional notes (EG: lighting) and customize the appearance.

Usually these images are used for sharing ‘Behind the Scenes‘ info on instagram or in Facebook groups.

Check out my samples below:

Here’s the before and after (RAW and Edited) tools. Shot with Sony A9 edited on Lightroom.

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