The Current at Chelsea Piers Wedding

bride and groom posing red door

It’ been a while haven’t been blogging and It’s been almost a year Vicky’s and Gene Wedding at The Current at Chelsea Piers. I have had the pleasure of photographing a large number of weddings, yet I always discover that each wedding is unique in its own special way. Just recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph a wedding in the heart of the Big Apple. When initially meeting the bride and groom, I could tell they were tremendously excited by the sparkle in their eyes. Vicky and Gene shows sincere compassion, love and excitement, so I strived to provide them with the most amazing photographs. The venue at the Current at New York’s Chelsea Piers was undeniably the perfect venue for the lovely couple.

Its lively atmosphere meshed perfectly with the energetic crowd and fun-filled wedding. Vicky and Gene oozed with radiance and originality. Their wedding attire was unique and very stylish. Vicky’s classic white dressed was truly a perfect centerpiece for the majority of the photographs. Gene made a bold statement with his sleek navy blue suit. The couple legitimately oozed with confidence and compassion. Before the big moment arrived, we headed outside to Chelsea Piers for a few photo opportunities. The moment was magical. Gene’s carefully selected attired blended in perfectly with the blue tones of the pier, while Vicky’s radiant white dress left me captivated and enamored.

The photoshoot with Gene and his best men was also a blast. While Gene was obviously serious and prepare for the undertaking, he still remained young at heart and wanted to have a blast. The boys grabbed their irons and posed for one of the most iconic pictures I will ever capture. While the best men remained muted with their gray and white attire, Gene stole the spotlight with this fashionable wardrobe. This will truly be one of the most memorable photoshoots I will ever experience. I can recall the atmosphere and the excitement permeating through the air. If Gene has been nervous, it was well hidden. His excitement and playful attitude overshadowed the anxiety of the big moment.

And of course, the reception area was beautifully decorated. The eye-popping yellow and purple color scheme was alluring and mesmerizing. Each table was beautifully decorated with an amazing centerpiece, which is unlike anything I had ever seen before. Of course, the yellow slightly overwhelmed its purple complement and this helps to set the mood of the evening. When I stepped into the reception area, I knew immediately that there would be jokes, laughter and lots of fun! It was clearly obvious to me that Vicky and Gene were made for one another. Their chemistry was clearly evident throughout the entire evening.

The ceremony itself was simplistic, yet immensely elegant. Wow, I thought to myself as Vicky confidently strolled down the aisle. The rings were swapped, a kiss was shared, and the deal was done. The couple shared the cake cutting duties as the crowd cheered them on energetically. The entire wedding was simply amazing and I was truly blessed to be a part of the action! I will never forget the Vicky and Gene nor will I forget the fun the couple and their guests had throughout the event. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the event.

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bride and groom posing in the middle of manhattan ny
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chelsea piers bride and groom photoshoot
bride and groom posing red door
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