What to Wear on a Engagement Photo Shoot – A Straight to the Point Guide

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We get it. You want your engagement photoshoot to be an amazing experience and the photos to be the best you can get.

Unfortunately, however, a lot of couples end up getting it all wrong with their outfits. And without the right choice of outfits, it can be hard to make your photoshoot be anything but ordinary.

But if you’re reading this, you’re likely not going to commit the mistakes that many other couples too. And that’s simply because we have laid out pretty much everything you should know about what to wear and what not to wear on your engagement photoshoot.

What Should You Wear to Your Engagement Photoshoot?

Well, there are obviously a lot of choices, but not all of them are going to be a good choice. So it’s important to not get carried away with the temptation of getting experimentative.

With that said, let us get a little specific with what you should wear on your engagement photoshoot.

Wear What Helps Reflect Your Originality

A lot of the times, couples look at these photoshoots as some extraordinary event and end up making dressing choices that they have generally never made before.

They choose something completely different from the type of outfits they normally wear, and this doesn’t work out quite well most of the time. Something that you saw your favorite celebrity wearing on a magazine cover wouldn’t be ideal.

So in other words, try to stick to what helps you be yourself. It’s important to feel comfortable in your outfits.
It’s easy to look awkward in the pictures when you’re not feeling comfortable in your outfit.

Consider Your Body Type

Again, this is another reason to not try to imitate anyone else’s dressing style or outfit choices. The same outfit that looks great on someone else might make you look like a mess.

It’s important to consider your body type as well. If your body type makes you worried about showing too much skin, stick to some of the traditional, more conservative outfit ideas.

A lot of your friends might have gone strapless on their arms during their photoshoots, but if your body type doesn’t approve it then it’s better to resist such a temptation.

Neutral Colors and Beautiful Prints

A lot of couples end up going for “loud” colors thinking that they would look more attractive than other lighter, more neutral colors. However, what they forget is that they would want the focus to be on themselves and not the colorful outfits.

Neon colors are usually the worst choice, as they make you look attention-seeking and take away the natural feel and look from your pictures. Colors like orange and red aren’t too good choices either, as they are often too loud as well.

However, patterned prints often look great, especially when complemented well with neutral tones. They go a long way in helping you be in the focus in your photos, without letting your outfits take away all the attention.

Don’t Get Too Matchy

While it’s a good thing to complement each other during your engagement photoshoot, getting too matchy is rather a dull idea. If you both wear the same color with the patterns being too similar too, it may give your pictures a slightly funny look and feel than something romantic and personal.

That said, you certainly also don’t want to get “too far away” from each other either. What we mean by that is your outfits should not be in contrast to each other. They should have a flow with one another, but not look the same.

Get Those Accessories!

It’s surprising how many couples focus heavily on their outfits while ignoring the accessories completely. This is a poor idea as even a simple accessory can spice up your look quite a bit during these photoshoots.

A simple and classy piece of jewelry can help bring out a lot of personality in your photos. Similarly, a stylish scarf can be a great addition to your overall photoshoot look too.

That said, you should still be able to look and feel yourself. While such simple accessories usually don’t harm, but if you never wear them and don’t feel comfortable wearing them then don’t force it.

Limit Yourself to a Few Outfits

As they say, more is not always better. And it couldn’t be truer when it comes to engagement photoshoots.

You want your photoshoot to be an enjoyable experience, not a demanding task where you have to keep changing your outfits every now and then. Moreover, when you wear too many different and contrasting outfits during your engagement photoshoot, you again expose yourself to the risk of your outfits getting more attention and focus than yourself.

So try to minimize the number of outfits for your photoshoot. Choose only the ones that are the best choices.

Remember, an engagement photoshoot – or any photoshoot for that matter – is not just about outfits. There’s a lot more to it.

The chemistry between the couple, the way you pose, the backgrounds and scenery, they all play a great role too in making your photoshoot a real success.

What About the Seasons?

Yes, you also need to take the season into consideration when choosing the outfits for your engagement photoshoot. So let us give you some ideas about the different seasons too.

Winter and Fall

If you think you shouldn’t wear anything that gives hints of the winter, think again. During winter, many of your photos will show the snow around you. It only makes sense to go for some winter-specific outfits and even winter accessories.

Some cool jeans and pants, and anything of neutral tones and colors that complement them well can be surprisingly good options. Just make sure they are good for a casual look and coupled with the winter accessories, and you might as well get a few rocking shots.

Summer and Spring

We are sure some of your thin summer clothes are going to be right up the alley for a photoshoot during summer or the warmer months. Floral prints work great too, but make sure they are not too heavy or obvious.

While shorts are a more obvious choice for a lot of couples during summer months, you must not overdo them. You may get away with them for a couple of shots, but only appearing in shorts for the most part of your photoshoot is just going to make the photos feel a lot less special than you would want them to be.

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