Sand Castle Caterers Wedding

I’ll be honest. One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is gaining the opportunity to be a part of the special moment. Of course, helping the couple capture the moment is always worthwhile. No matter how many weddings I attend as a photographer, every single ceremony offers something unique—and I am thrilled to catch that moment, that quirk, that smile, and that special something through my lens.

A New York Minute… Or MANY of Them

Despite a week filled with wintery weather, Cerena and Wesley managed to maintain their posture and romance. Much to everyone’s surprise, their wedding day shined and radiated, with a touch of spring. The outdoor temperature was perfect for the setting at the veranda Sand Castle.

The ceremony space, which had a carpet leading up the aisle, was embroidered with the names of the bride and groom, definitely added elegance to the stage. Their luxurious wedding ceremony was only moments away, as excitement filled the air. You could also feel the nerves of the attendees, as they awaited the arrival of the bride and groom.

After they exchanged their vows and rings, Cerena and Wesley shared a kiss, before heading indoors to celebrate. Their friends and family awaited their arrival in the magnificent reception hall. It was certainly a special, and touching, moment, when the newlyweds took to the dance floor for the first time, as husband and wife. With a touch of smoke, the scene was set and it felt, as though, the couple was floating in midair. The way they beamed at each other made the spotlight superfluous!

It was obvious, from that moment that the couple belonged together and would withstand the trials and tribulations of marriage. The wedding was filled with fun, excitement, and heartfelt moments that every attendee will never be able to forget.

Camera as Chronicler

As a wedding photographer, I always go in with specific photo arrangements, in mind. I picture everything, before it happens, in order to be prepared to begin snapping shots. I visualize each shot, the bride walking down the aisle, the exchange of rings, and the couple’s first married kiss. When these moments finally occur, I encapsulate them forever in the photographs. Regardless of the number of weddings I’ve worked, these moments never fail to be amazing and I have a strong recollection of each.

Cerena and Wesley’s wedding at the Sand Castle had many memorable moments, which will never be forgotten. Some of my favorite photos from their wedding day include Cerena putting on her earrings, Wesley adjusting his bow tie, and the bridesmaids lining up for a “selfie”. However, the most memorable was likely the moment the minister pronounced the young couple married and a smile emerged on Cerena’s face.

In many situations, those unscripted moments deliver more authentic emotions than those, which have been rehearsed repeatedly. A simple gesture from husband to wife can incite more emotions and drama than the exchanging of the rings. This was certainly the case here, thanks to authentic love between the bride and groom.

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Cerena and Wesley will likely always be able to recall their exact thoughts, but a photo will offer them, so much more. Not only will they reminisce about their thoughts and feelings, when viewing their wedding pictures, but a spark romance will be brought to life immediately. Knowing that your photographs will be forever valued is the biggest joy a photographer will ever experience.

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