Olivia and Mike Wedding at The Park Savoy

Olivia and Mike Wedding at The Park Savoy

The Park Savoy venue located at Florham Park NJ, consistently delivers the wow factor at this unique setting.

The wedding of Olivia and Mike proved to be another one of my favorite photographed wedding. Kudos to the bridal party who were brave enough to do a quick photoshoot outside in the cold weather.

Although it is crucial to capture the moments throughout the wedding such as the walk down the aisle, the exchanging of the rings, and first kiss, some other moments that happen prior to the wedding are just as special.

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Note: This slideshow is a gift for the bride and groom, and is meant to be used for personal use ONLY. No MUSIC, nor images are sold in the production of this slideshow.

The Park Savoy Wedding

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  1. You did an excellent job of documenting their wedding from beginning to the end. My favorite photo is when the groom swing her bride up in air on the dance floor — so very real. Love your work.

  2. Excellent capture of the full wedding day. The image of the bride and groom in-front of the park savoy venue is captivating.

  3. I agree with previous comments, such a stunning photos! I love the spunky attitude of the groom –you captured it perfectly.

  4. Brilliant work. You really captured the beauty of Olivia and Mike Wedding. But most importantly is the emotions of the couples and the gorgeous background.

  5. Just love your photography style. So hard to pick which photos are my favorite or best… All of your images are outstanding!

  6. All of your work is incredible, artistic and wonderful – what I loved is the capturing the bride and groom on the dance floor!

  7. I just stumbled across this amazing blog! Beautiful work! Congratulations — I say this must be the Best of Wedding Photography.

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