A New Beginning

A new beginning

Every January is a great time to look back at the year that just past. But in February we think about the year ahead. We look forward to the burst of spring, the summer heat and the cool autumn breeze.This year 2014, I am excited to launch my newly re-designed website. It is more user friendly and it features the beautiful images from last year’s weddings and events. Come and look around and maybe this will be your year to celebrate your love story in a way that is truly your own. Whether your special day is in the springtime, in the summer, fall or winter, let me help you make it a special as can be.

Tendenza Wedding - Nicole and Joseph
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Old Westbury Gardens Photoshoot


  1. Professionalism…dedication…hard work…passion–these are the words that come to mind when looking at your ever-expanding work…and, now, your Web site. Fresh and imaginative…elegant, yet simple enough to navigate, it is a sure sign of even greater success ahead…..kudos!

  2. Excellent work my friend! Continue to follow your passion and never stop. It’s an inspiration to us all. Much success. -G

  3. Edwin Great Job. I like you web page and its design. I really would recommend your talent. Your pictures are great and I like that you capture people’s emotions on it. Congratulations again.!!!

  4. JOB well done on the website Edwin. A great platform to showcase your amazing photography. Keep up the good work my friend.

  5. Hey Edwin, I just look at the site and love it! the photos are getting better and better since I met you, Congratulations!!! see you the next month in NY!!!

  6. congratulations Edwin! You did an excellent job creating this amazing Website. You have a great imagination, very creative, and each photos are beautifully well done…it shows how talented you are, you put so much heart and pride of your work. You inspired us with your brilliant work of art. keep up the good work!!

  7. Congratulations Edwin. This is a good website, it is easy to navigate and the pictures are really great showcasing your talent. You really have an eye on photography. Keep it up.

  8. What a wonderful site essaying numerous of your unforgettable lens-in-action moments! Truly any ultra-talented photographer like you must have a website that showcases his works and all the more the feelings that describe much of what special occasions are! Looking forward to more of your excellence, brilliance and photo artistry!

  9. Congratulations Edwin! Your site looks wonderful, very easy to navigate is right on. I think we should schedule a trip so you can take picturs of me and my almost 3 apos!

  10. Congratulations Edwin! What a great representation of your talent and it truly captures the beauty, creativity and spirit of your work! Your photographs captures the true essence of union of souls, beauty of love and commitment through the eyes of the lens. Your work has inspired me to choose your service for my Silver Anniversarry coming up next year! Job well done and mark your calendar for December 4th, 2015 in Sunny Southern CA!

  11. wow i love the new design of your website, Edwin! you have an amazing talent and eye for beauty! keep up the great work 🙂

  12. WOW! awesome job bro! you’re such a great photographer and a very humble person! love the site and the pics… God Bless!

  13. This will work for me to the hilt! I love taking pictures of weddings and I JUST COULD NOT WAIT TILL I see these great works of you….. GREAT ENDEAVOR PAPU!

  14. Once again Edwin, you have elevated your craft to another level. Awesome re-design of your already great website. More importantly, the contents are to quality work. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspirational photos and creativity.

  15. WOW! this is a great site. I love your site. Good Job on your Wedding Photography. The photos are exceptional quality. Keep up the good work! Definitely bookmark your website.

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