How To Be A Successful Second Wedding Photographer

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Having the opportunity to photograph a wedding can really be one of the most rewarding experiences in your entire life. Being a lead photographer for a wedding takes experience and finesse. Getting a start as a second photographer is a good idea. In this type of situation, you will actually serve as the lead photographer’s assistant. This will give you a fun and up-close look at weddings and wedding photography. Below, you’re going to find tips to ensure you become the best second wedding photographer in the world.

Be Communicative

When it comes down to it, you’re going to be working with a real professional. In order to ensure that everything goes according to plan, you’ll need to remain in constant communication with your partner. After all, they cannot do everything on their own. You should ask questions. Find out exactly what the photographer wants from you. Be willing to open up and discuss everything with your new partner. When you get the chance, you should snap your own photos as well.

Conduct Yourself Appropriately

Weddings can feel strict for someone on the outside. And, you have to remember that it is the biggest day of two people’s lives. With that being said, you should conduct yourself appropriately. Handling yourself in a professional manner will make a big difference in the long run. It’ll impress the wedding guests and it’ll ensure that you’re able to satisfy your boss. If you feel the need to speak with your photographer, you should do not. Just remember to do so professionally. Carry yourself in the right manner and you’ll go a very long way in this line of work.

Don’t Be Afraid To Miss Shots

A lot of people mistakenly believe that great photographers are never going to miss shots. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A great deal is happening during a wedding. Therefore, it is really impossible to get everything. Therefore, you should never be afraid to miss shots. Just try to focus on getting the best shots that you can. Also, it is wise to take the time to review your pictures. If you took bad ones, you will still have the opportunity to redo them. You might have snapped a picture when the bride was closing her eyes. Snap it again. Just make sure she is paying attention this time around.

Rely On Your Mentor

Remember that the lead photographer has been there and done that. They’ve probably worked hundreds of weddings. This is a good thing for you. In fact, you should attempt to use this individual as a mentor of sorts. If you’re not sure what to do, you should ask. At the same time, you should observe their behavior. Watch them for a few minutes. When you do, you’ll see what the expert does to get the very best shots. If you’re able to learn and mimic this behavior, you’ll be able to get great shots as well. Therefore, you should always rely on your mentor to give you pointers directly and indirectly.

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To summarize everything:

How to be a successful second wedding photographer?

Be Communicative
Behave Professionally
Be a Team Player
Don’t Be Afraid To Miss the Shots
Relay On Your Mentor

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