Avalon Yacht Club Wedding

Susan and Matthew with bridal party avalon beach Wedding

When I was first introduced to Susan and Matthew, I saw a spark, which was unlike anything I had ever seen before! I knew right from the start that the couple was going to be spectacular and their styles made for an amazing wedding. The breathtaking views at Avalon Beach are nearly un-matchable. Although the air was chilly, no one seemed to mind. The intensity, romance and love of the moment overcame the crowd and warmed everyone up spiritually and emotionally.

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On the day of the wedding, things began in a unique manner. The trolley, which transported everyone to the scene, set the mood for the rest of the evening. This was undoubtedly going to be a wedding, with its own flavor and a unique personality. Despite the importance of everything and the anxiousness in the air, the ladies and gentlemen cut up, cracked jokes and had a wonderful time. I could easily tell that these loving individuals shared a deep bond, which had gone back for many years. It was only appropriate that they would arrive and depart together.

Once everyone had arrived at the scene, the seriousness of the situation took a hold and the laughter ceased. The beach was lined with white chairs, smiling faces and the sky couldn’t have been bluer. It was as if a spiritual force was beautifying the day in favor of the lovely couple. And then, it all began. Matthew stood stone-faced at the altar, but the atmosphere was fully of excitement. Susan and her father walked down the sandy aisle and the audience gasped, at her beauty. The crowd stood in awe, as Susan’s marvelous dress slowly drug through the sand leaving a visible path all the way to the altar.

Once the pair had finally completed the journey, Susan and her father lovingly hugged one another and Susan held back tears. Moments later, the officiant was performing ceremonial ritual and the climax crept ever so closer. The vows were read and the officiant gave the word. The loving couple leaned forward and the fireworks thrilled the crowd. The silence was finally broke, as many of the group shouted and cheered the couple on. The moment will ultimately live on forever and I was just lucky enough to be there to capture it all!

Life was new and the old were youthful once more. Click To Tweet

Once was all said and done, the fun had just begun! Everyone was transported back to the banquet hall and the real party started at the Avalon Yacht Club. Love and excitement filled the air. Life was new and the old were youthful once more. The amazing moment couldn’t have been better. Every aspect of the wedding was thrilling and filled with romance. Even the ceremonial cake cutting was incredibly emotional. Truly, Susan and Matthew’s wedding was one of my favorites! Bless the couple and may they live happy and healthy together for eternity.

Note: This slideshow is a gift for the bride and groom, and is meant to be used for personal use ONLY. No MUSIC, nor images are sold in the production of this slideshow.
Susan and Matthew kiss avalon beach Wedding
bridal party avalon beach wedding
bride hugging father on her wedding ceremony avalon beach wedding
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