Wedding Day Timeline and Checklist



Note: Though Edwin Ochoa and his staff will capture moments as they happen during your wedding day, this checklist will serve as a guide for you and for his team through out the day to make sure important key moments and people are photographed.

Wedding Date:

Best Man
Maid/Matron of Honor:


The Preparation

Bride Prepares at
Exact Address
Below just sample please change accordingly:

GROOMSMEN – We can photograph the groom and the groomsmen at church, but if you want us to be there where they are getting dressed, we can be there if time allows.

Groom Prepares at
Exact Address
Below just sample please change accordingly:


The Ceremony

Ceremony takes place at
Exact Address
Name of presiding priest, rabbi or minister:
Please fill out ceremony timeline as detailed as you can according to your schedule. Below just sample please change accordingly:

Formal photos

Do you want us to do the formal portraits of bride and groom and family members?
If answered "YES", where do you want to do this?
Include here a list of people or groups you want to be photographed for formals, (please be specific): (Below just sample please change accordingly)

It is recommended to designate a family member or friend to gather all those in the picture

Bride's side
Groom's side

Between the ceremony and the reception:

Suggest a location for outdoor pictures. And please make sure you give enough time for all the “fun” outdoor photos of the bridal party and the bride and groom shots to be taken. My suggestion is at least 45 minutes to an hour.


The Reception

Reception takes place at
Exact Address
Name of designated coordinator/maître d'
Contact number
Please list the time of important events during your reception. Here’s an example of the order of events, just fill in the approximate time
Please include any special instructions or anything else for us to know that we didn't cover on this wedding checklist:


List all the vendors below:

Please provide your email address for copy of this timeline/checklist:

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