Post written by : Edwin Ochoa

There is nothing like a lovely gardens surrounded by the natural beauty of the Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia, and a lovely couple with full of love and fun to photograph. It’s everything I love about engagement photo session full of love and colorful flowers. (more…)

Ah, the amazing feeling of being in love! There is nothing better than a good string of romance. Of course, this type of relationship takes a lot of hard work, effort and cooperation, in order to last. You’ll need to work alongside your partner, at all times, to ensure his or her total happiness. Remember that they would do the same for you, so don’t be lazy and make sure to put in the effort! When it comes down to it, everything will conclude, with a lavish wedding, but you’re not there yet. Got engaged? now what? (more…)

As soon as I came into contact with Amber-Joi and Tommy, I instantly recognized that the couple had unparalleled chemistry. They oozed of energy, love and excitement! On April 18, 2015, the couple officially sealed the deal! The former Miss Pennsylvania 2011 and former 76ers cheerleader looked absolutely stunning and jaws dropped, when she made her grand arrival. Excitement and adoration filled the wedding hall, as Tommy waited his bride’s arrival. (more…)